Top 20 Films of 2012

1. Like Someone in Love, Abbas Kiarostami A masterful lesson on film suspense that reveals the changes of a culture from generation to generation in an extremely intimate setting. It is also a tribute to the great Yasujiro Ozu. 2. In Another Country, Hong Sang-soo Theme and variations. A experimental comedy with a keen eye… Continue reading Top 20 Films of 2012

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Film Review: The Tree of Life (Spanish)

Retomando la crítica releo Cine al día. Esta publicación venezolana fue la pionera sobre la discusión cinematográfica en el país. Con una línea editorial coherente, muy acorde a su época, la revista contó con colaboradores de la talla de Ambretta Marrosu, Juan Nuño, Ugo Ulive. Oswaldo Capriles y Alfredo Roffé entre otros. De este ultimo… Continue reading Film Review: The Tree of Life (Spanish)

Interview with Apichatpong Weerasethakul

With Apichatpong Weerasethakul

The first characters we see in your new film establish the theme of the gaze… Also operates the same way as Tropical Malady, my 2004 movie. The character look to the audience, in a way, to let them know this is a film. You’re looking at illusion, it’s the start of the film, yeah… So… Continue reading Interview with Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Interview with Ken Loach for his Film “Road Irish”

With Ken Loach

Unlike some of your recent previous films, you chose to center the action in Road Irish on one character… We’ve done a number of films that are about groups, about collectives. We did one about the Spanish Civil War, one in Nicaragua. They involved true groups, because I think solidarity is one of the most… Continue reading Interview with Ken Loach for his Film “Road Irish”